Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC)
Lake Biwa, Japan (Hybrid Conference), 15-16th, June 2023

Venue: Ritsumeikan Univ., BKC, ROHM Plaza, 5th Floor

HEART2023 Conference Site and Session Rooms

Access map to Biwako Kusatsu Campus (BKC), Ritsumeikan Univ.


Hotels are available near stations between JR (Japan Railway) Kyoto and Minami-Kusatsu station. There are few hotels near the JR Minami-Kusatsu station, but you may find more near the Otsu or Kyoto station. 

Neart the Minami-Kusatsu station (only two hotels)

Comments from the local chair.
Hotels near stations between JR Kyoto and Minami-Kusatsu station are good. There are not many options near Minami-Kusatsu station. There are many near Kyoto station, but they are expensive. There are not many near Otsu station, but if you can find one, the price would be reasonable.

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